Brief Reflections on Celebrating The Eucharist

It is rare for me to feel truly connected to the world around me, to

feel that I am somehow solidly a part of creation.  Perhaps this is

common among those that don’t have an emotionally commitment

to the land or place where they live.


But there are times when I find myself truly rooted both in time and

in creation and this is during the celebration of the Eucharist. 


There is something in the words and rituals that encourage me to focus

directly, intently and intimately in what I am sharing in.   


I feel wrapped in something greater and beyond myself that pulls me

beyond myself and yet is inherently concrete.  I am more intensely present

and yet not bound by externals.


In taking up a host, in lifting up a chalice, I am bringing forward the actions

of 2,000 years of others who have also celebrated the Eucharist.  In taking up

a host, in lifting up a chalice, I am doing something unique, sharing in a experience

with others that will never occur in the same way again.


God and I may be strangers to each other at times, but in the Eucharist we reconnect.

I know without doubt that I am not alone in the universe. 


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