Unwanted Phonecalls

Since the advent of call display, does anyone with the service actually pick up the phone for any call other that from a clearly displayed number of someone one wants to talk to? In a week when both at home and work I had to deal with calls from solicitors, politicians and others who don’t choose to identify themselves, I have come to wonder why people bother to call when they must know that people won’t ever bother to listen to them. Even more than e-mail spam, this must be a generally fruitless effort.

I am most annoyed by politicians that leave recorded messages. I find electronic voice spam from politicians off putting for two reasons. I resent having my privacy invaded. I also resent the contempt shown by a politician who wants my attention but isn’t willing to ask for it directly. Life has too many stresses and, in an urban environment, too many forms of sensory invasion that politicians seeking support surely must be aware of. Why deliberately add to it?

At my work the vast majority of unidentified calls are from businesses trying to sell something. It is amazing how little research is done by those who develop the selling script. Why would a housing co-op, which can take part in bulk-buying arrangements with hundreds of other co-ops, believe any offered deal? Why would any successful business waste time trying to cold call an organisation subjected to government imposed spending guidelines? Surely the time spent weeding out unlikely targets would be time well spent.

There is something rude, shading towards intimidating, in hiding one’s identity.

If people wish my attention, it is certainly far better to not hide who you are.


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