As I start writing I am sitting at the Resolutions Committee table at the back of the Ontario Regional Meeting. The space is less than 2/3rd’s full. The front of the meeting is focused on various introductory comments, from approval of chairs to reminding of the need for translation devices as the meeting is conducted in both English and French. It many ways it like the first few minutes of a formal religious rite—the words may change over the time but the actual content is independent of time and space.

Over the three days since I arrived I have attended social events, CHFC board and CHF Ontario Council meetings, a meeting of the CHFC Resolutions Committee, a meeting of Essex Non-profit Housing, the Rooftops Canada social and a meet the candidates event. I also attended one workshop—an excellent Social Media workshop, during which I won a mouse.

My participation at the Ontario Regional Meeting isn’t really woven into the decision making process.  I am not running for a position Sitting at a table set aside for the resolutions committee, I am far away from the mikes, making no presentations—more of an observer than a part of the life of the movement.

But in the halls and on the streets near the convention centre I am surrounded by people who know me, many of whom have shared in the work of the co-op housing movement with me for decades. It is a homecoming, a return to a family that finds a way to welcome us square pegs.


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