I’m a Toronto based writer and activist, with an extensive history of involvement in ecumenical, peace, labour, environmental, co-operative and anti-poverty movements.

As a writer, my work has appeared in publications as diverse as The Presbyterian Record and the North American Anarchist.

I am a member of Labourers Local 183 (Universal Workers Union), have just retireed as co-op housing co-ordinator, have served on various co-op and non-profit boards and have been an a part of various ecumenical and faith focused organisations and communities.

After a lifetime within the Christian world, including about a quarter century as a member of the clergy, I had taken major steps towards converting to Judaism.

This is my first attempt at a blog. It came about because of suggestions that sending my writing around to a personal e-mail list was a limited way of sharing ideas and information.

I began by posting some of my favourite pieces that I’ve circulated over the past few years. I  then started using this blog for new work as the mood and inspiration stuck.

While my posts will often deal with subjects from a faith perspective, I do write about NIMBYism, anarchism, peace issues, co-operatives and the occasional labour struggle.

I keep intending to include some work-in-progress from An Atheist’s Victory Guide to Toronto —on churches that have been converted to community usage—but except for taking some photographs, I’ve not done much on this project.